Monday, April 18, 2005

Watz d connection~Youth Concert~

Yesterday there was such a crowd in my church....there were lotsa people n lotsa cars...

We did pretty well, except for me....i broke 2 different guitar strings when playing, so i was like so frustrated. anyway, everything turn out alright~ thanx God for that.

n Pastor Steven from Air Itam Gospel Centre indeed gave a very good preach. It was God's grace...

I invited lotsa of my frens to come. but eventually there were only 4 attending. Frankly, i felt so touching with them. driving all the way down from BM juz to give me some support. Really wanna thank them. Now i know, in life we have a lots of frens......but only some of them, r those who r always there for u. n i hope, days by days our friendship grows. n we become really close. n they can accept Jesus, yet another very important fren of mine in my life.

Thanx god for giving me such good frens. May God bless them~!

Our band, THIRST~ drummer: Ian, pianist: Chia Hoey, bassist: Shaun, guitarist n backup vocalist:me, vocalist:Jason & Lynn. Posted by Hello

the row behind: Lip Wei, Chee Hau, Li Xuang, Yong Chew. i m in between of my 2 beautiful "girl fren" hehehe........ Posted by Hello

from left: Lip Wei, me, Li Xuang. The 2 apek in front is Chee Hau and Yong Chew~ Posted by Hello

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