Saturday, April 16, 2005

wATz D cOnNecTIon~? Youth Concert

wATz D cOnNecTIon~?yOuTh cOncert~
daTe: 16 APRIL 2005t
imE: 1930veNue: Nibong Tebal Gospel Hall (Chinese Assembly)

tOmorO's A BiG dAy MaN~! mY cHuRch yOuTh cOncErt~! iT'll be cOnDuctEd in biLiNguAl fOrM(MaNdaRin N eNgliSh)aDvIcE: to Whom cOnSidEr thEmSelves as hOmo Sapiens R welComEd~!

WaTz D cOnNeCtiOn~? YOUTH CONCERT~! background design~ Posted by Hello

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