Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Matriculation Introduction Seminar

Today i went to Jit Sin High School, my previous lovely school, to attend a Matriculation Introduction Seminar.....(driving another 3 gals)

it was a seminar organized by our school counselor. n about 100 students attended this meeting. the guidance was given by the senior of matriculation courses.....n they really gave us lotsa important advice...i guess our school counselor has done a very great job by clarifying our doubts...

i've appealed for the matriculation coz i was not chosen in the first place....i hope i could get it. coz now i m waiting for the reply of singapore asean scholarship...i m not sure about it, i have to wait till May to know the outcome...so my future is still in uncertainty....haih...

after the seminar, i simply went to the basketball field to play.....haih....wat a place full of cool memories...we used to climb off the school gate to play basketball in midnight~! haha, i guess that will remain as memory....

before goin home, the 3 gals n i went to another gal's house...well, she (n her mummy) treat us with lenggeng n bagua....wah, so touching~ :)

The seminar given by Matriculation Senior..... Posted by Hello

I was back to Jit Sin basketball field~! Posted by Hello

Yo.....me n Hee Lee, a cool basketball player, n my very close mate~ Posted by Hello

Taking this photo in Hui Jun's house~ Posted by Hello

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