Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Matriculation~? Asean Scholarship~? Form 6~?

I was not chosen for the Local Matriculation.....but all my frens were~! so i was like feelin, haih.....we r on the different path.

Wat i m now waiting is Asean Scholarship.....i hope i can get the green light.....i've taken the selection test last sunday, it's pretty tough though. i'll have to wait until May to get knowing m i qualified. so, it's quite a long long time.....However, i think i have to get it.....if not i will be like stucked in the midway with everyone else goin to different places......

I don wanna study in Form 6~ as STPM is known as the second toughest University Entrance test in the WORLD~ Plus i really have a sixthform-phobia after stayin 2 years continuosly with 2 batches of Upper Six Students. I know how tough is it~ so, i dare not simply step in~

Life's short, really, the is only one of the transition i have to face. I guess i have to get over with it......
I have to have faith in wat i believe, that God is leading me. yo~!

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