Sunday, April 24, 2005

Malaysian Idol Audition~

Yesterday i went to Malaysian Idol audition in PISA, Penang.....heheh, it was quite a fun experience~! My aim is to get tru the first round n meet the 3 judges in the second round.....however, i was not successful. the way of audition is like this. 10 contestant was in 1 group, then went for the audition. only 8tv crew was judging us. then out of 10, 2 or 3 contestant were chosen....

i went to the audition with lip wei n jason. ah hau n lynn were the supporters :) me, jason n lip wei were in the same group. in our group, i would say 10 out of 10 can sing pretty well~! (coz we waited outside n could hear them singing in the audition room) however, after 10 of us had sung separately in the audition room, we were summoned into a conference room. then the crew in charge called out the number n only 2 were chosen. it was so tough~! i think the standard of this year is much higher than last year~! the reason i say this is that last year Jason went for the audition n he got tru the first audition into the second one to meet the 3 judges..! but this year he was not selected.

well, guess who i saw? i saw last year Mr. Hot-Pants !! do u guys remember? last year Malaysian Idol there was a guy wearing hot pants n tight shirt in the audition? well this year i saw him~ hehe, but with normal jeans n shirt only. u know wat, all the contestants remembered him! even the cameraman asked us "hey guys, remember the Mr. Hot-pants?" hahaha, we all were like so funny laughing n Mr. Hot-Pants stared at us with fierce eyes~!

after the audition, we went to Gurney Plaza to watch a movie, Sahara, a typical action comedy hollywood movie~ the storyline is easily predictable, but we enjoyed the small funny jokes. It's a nice show though. after seeing the movie we saw people crowding in BUM city n we took a peekn it's a breakdance competition..all those youngster playin n it was ok. we went back after then.

when the car left only me, lipwei, n ah hau. we had a conversation.....we all missed our good old times together (sound as if we were so old!) actually, we missed the time when we played basketball together, we play truant together in school, we cho siao together in school, we rained together juz to play basketball, we drove here drove there when we juz got our car license, we went to Cyber Cafe to play warcraft, cs, team fortress the whole night, we argued with n bullied teachers in class, we played basketball together when having class n all of us were caught into discipline room together......we have so many good times together~! (of coz not only 3 of us, there was a gang of us) time is unreversible, now all of us has parted, memory is only memory.....anyway i like wat ah hau said last night "i m not sad about parting, becoz of parting i look forward to the next reunion~" yeah, this is true man~

last but not least, i have some words for my friends~

lip wei: thanx for driving all the way down from BM to fetch me to Penang and sending me home~ u r my best partner ever~! (and i m so touched that u cancelled ur appointment with ur girl to go audition with me! :P)

ah hau: i really appreciate u to accompany me n experience a special day with me. U r my precious fren i guess u know that~ hope that we knwo how to preserve n treasure our friendship~

Jason: haha, thanx for asking me to join Malaysian Idol~ it gave me a very good experience

Lynn: aiyo, wat a pity u din take part in the Malaysian Idol, u should have given it a try~!

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