Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Job Requirement~

After working for the second day for my job, i suprisingly found that my job requirement is very high n standard~

1. acquaintance in heaps of languages~
~you have to speak teochew, hokkien, cantonese, mandarin, english, malay when people order food. There're always different names for one single food.

2. pro in maths
~esspecially counting the sum of the food price......i almost fainted when i have to do a "1.20+1.80+.2.90+3.70+.30+7.60" kind of calculation with only my brain~!
~how to divide a piece of fruit into many small pieces of fruit EVENLY~
~how to mix the ingredient of ais kacang evenly~
~approcimately have a statistic in ur mind, when will it be a crowded period, when is a slightly free period~

3. master well in management
~how to decrease the time but increase the workloads
~set the correct priority of all the works

4.a basic knowledge of Physics
~you have to estimate how dense is the ais kacang in order to serve a perfectly melt-on-the-tongue frosty ice kacang~
~you have to think of a way to carry the most things with the least strength
~the frost making machine's velocity has to be calculated to make sure the frost is smooth enough meanwhile doesn't melt for a short period~

5.a basic knowledge of chemistry
~ Neutralize the acidic fruits by pouring some salt when making juice~

6.a basic knowledge of biology
~ Some kind of food can't be mixed together, else it'll cause nausea, vomit or diarrhea. (eg, orange n milk, as the acidic content of orange stop the digestion of asic lactic ) not easy huh, even working in a hawker stall also needs such high requirement~! :)

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