Saturday, April 23, 2005

Disgusting Customers~

When i was working, my boss told me, "Customers are right no matter wat~" n we have the responsible to serve the best for them......however, there's some typical customers that r always hated by the hawker.

For me personally, i dislike......

1. customers who bug u with "i wan 11 packs of ais kacang, 2 with red syrup, 3 with black sugar, another 2 with no peanut n red bean, oh yeah, the red syrup please give me extra raisin n atapci, n the black sugar please add more milk" when u r busily making 17 packs of ais kacang, 3 packs of cendul, 4 packs of watermelon juice n u still have 5 bowls of laksa n 6 bowls of ais kacang left unserved. know wat? i m so frustrated that i feel like i wanted to smashed their faces with the ice n kicked his asses to hell~

2. customers who ask u every single price for every single food n right after u tell them, they say i wan nothing.

3. customers who think that they r so superior, when u go up to take order from them, they act so cocky, n stare at u with a nasty look. then when u try to take order from them, they don even bother n pretend as if u r transparent~

4. customers who ask u to change the order when u've already done it.

5. customers who keep questioning u about the pricing when u r doin a "1.90+0.60+3.90+4.50+7.80+4.30" calculation without pen or paper to tell them the price.

6. customers who waste the food. they order every kind of food n beverage n lick every single one once.

7. customers who smoke.

8. customers who expect u to remember every order when 10 of them r giving order together.

9. customers who r so fussy that they wan ais kacang without kacang, laksa without noodle, cendul with not so much sugar, carrot juice with a lot of milk......

10. customers who eat without paying......

know wat? u better don be any kind of being-hated-customer. coz u'll never know wat will be added for ur food n beverage.......heheheheh........(with a nasty look)

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