Tuesday, April 05, 2005


3rd April- i went for a song composing competition (new wave) held by NGC(北工站). well, me n my other 2 partners got the consolation prize for my songs, written by me n joe~ hehehe, the 3 judges said (wow, kind of like malaysian idol), the song is good but we r only using one guitar, so marks r deducted~ however, the judges said our voicesr good, n our harmony is very nice~ somehow, i was criticized that some part of the song i was out of pitch~ *sobs* hehe, becoz not enough practise lar~ anyway, i love this experience~!

4th April- today i went working in the place i work 2 years before~> a laksa n desserts hawker stall~ hehe, well let me slightly introduce "laksa"~ Laksa is a penang delicacy. u can only find the original yummy spicy laksa in penang~ seriously, if laksa is found in other place, it's not laksa anymore, it can only be classified into curry~
hmm, well laksa is a bowl of nuddle with vege n with hot spicy sourish soup....yeah, juz thinking of it u will be mouth-watered....so please come to the laksa stall in Nibong Tebal and get a bowl of laksa :) (hehehe, starting to advertise dy)

N today i got the letter from Asean Scholarship, asking me to go for the selection test to get the scholarship to study A'level in Singapore......well, i guess i have to do some preparation coz i found that i forgot all d things i studied b4~!!! Argh~ so wish me good luck.....

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Anonymous said...

Try Ling's Laksa at in front Nibong Tebal Yawata Supermarket. It taste good, hard to explain in word.