Thursday, March 24, 2005


Will, also called Testament, legal means by which an owner of property disposes of his assetes in the event of his DEATH, The term is also used for the written instrument in which the testator's dispositions are expressed. There is also an oral will, called a nuncupative will, valid only in certain jurisdictions. (Babylon Digital Dictionary)

Will (also Testament), a legal document that says what is to happen to somebody's money and property after they die. (Oxford advanced learner's dictionary)

I m wondering, the world's population already reach 6 billions. Human being is increasing. The number never goes down. According to the economic law, when something increase tremendously, it's value will certainly go down. Juz like the time when Japanese rules the South East Asia, they issued a large quantity of currency, which is known as "banana money" (as the note has banana drawings). The exact amount is unknown even to the Japanese, as these currency did not bear any serial number; only block letters. The outcome is that the money was worthless n useless by the time the war ended. Well, the world's population increases extremely fast these decades. But lives' value never drop. When someone dies, funeral has to be carried on n lots of money has to be spent. When someone kills someone, he has to pay for it. I wonder if someone kills an ant or a chicken will him be penalized? Then wat if the world leaves only one chicken n someone kills it i m sure he will be jailed or even sentenced to death? hehe i start to talk nonsense. Well, back to the point, wat i m trying to say is human being is human being no matter how. N becoz life is priceless, I wan to make a will.....

If i die, I would like......

1. to donate all my body usable oragans.
2. to save some space, do not bury me, indeed i wan a fire burial, juz burn me off~
3. to have a live band in my funeral~ hehehe. if cant find any live band then at least play some music.
4. to have white lily as condolence .
5. everyone to wear blue~ as blue represents sorrow
6. to let everyone know that they can see me again, if they believe in Jesus~

hmm.....i guess that's wat i wan~ :)
hehe well, bout my inheritence,'s is my guitar. well, who ever wanna learn guitar juz take it~ hehehe.

I start to doubt my mental normality.....

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