Sunday, March 13, 2005

SPM result is out~!

hehe, i have already finished my 3-month BIBLE S"TUDY COURSE in EMMAUS BIBLE SCHOOL~! a lot of things happened in this 3 months....i met lotsa people. i think i have deepened n improved my bible knowledge n the responsible to be a christian. i have also learnt how to mingle n struggle in this world without being affected n keep my steps in the light of the truth.

well, 10 march is the big day~! i've got my spm result! n i got 11A's~!!! wow yeah....

this is wat i got for my SPM

malay- A2
english- A1, n A2 for GCE-0 level
moral education- B3 (too bad, i m immoral!!)
history- A2
math.- A1
additional math.- A1
physics- A1
chemistry- A1
biology- A1
chinese- A2
english for science and technology- A1

thank god 4 everything......yo~!

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Niel said...

oh! u went to zhu li jun?