Monday, March 21, 2005


Again, i m goin to blog about death~ becoz my granpa has passed away~ this morning, no one ever predicts~ well, i guess life is so chemical....within hours one will be gone~

i have a very deep matter how great a person was when he was alive, when he is dead, there's no more dignity. serious, when someone is dead, his body is moved, dressed up n sorts, he is juz like a doll. a big heavy old rugged doll. i guess that's y our life n our soul is precious m priceless....Without soul, our body is juz like a empty shell. that's y i think there must be something known as eternity. if not, there'll be no value for everything we do....if there's no such thing as eternity, we can do watever we like isn't it?

today i m also kind of close to death too :P i was knocked down by a motorbike when i m cycling to the funeral~ wow, thanx God i m alright~ hehehe....but i give a damned big shock to everyone~ hehehe, esspecially the driver :P

n i meet with my three little cousins that i haven seen for years...well, when meeting together i got a strange feeling like meeting back long lost brothers~ heheh
watsoever, gotta sleep now....tomoro still have to give a hand in preparing the funerals or anything~

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