Sunday, January 16, 2005


haha, i never knew i would have chance to get online! :P
i m currently in KL GOSPEL HALL~!! n i m using my fren's sreamyx connection to get online here...yo, hahaha i never expect this to happen! i thought i'd never have chance to touch computer in 3 months the way this computer is way so fast n so cool :P so heheheh, i'll be having chance to upgrade my homepage....
actually i m having my camping thing in Seremban but every weekend i'll like having kinda like practical thingy in KL GOSPEL HALL on every weekends!! : wuahhahah, so happy..... i can use the computer life is very fine now....everyday i got some lesson to go onerm like mostly of them r christianity thingy, n everyday i'll take turn to cook for everyone....n this is so incredible that i found that i kinda have talents in cooking :P hehehe......well, i met some very cool ppl over here too....some of them so great in playing basketball, some of them can play guitar so well....hahahah, so i got to improve myself after this thing...:P more story on next week :)

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Niel said...

is this yi sheng?