Monday, December 20, 2004

Trip to KL

Kuala Lumpur is such a place that i cant stand....the town area is so packed with cars. but i've at least experienced something different.

12 in the night, me n my dad took a tour in get used with the road.... accidently, we got into the wrong way...into a way lead to parlimen.

then there were cops guarding....road blocks...we were asked 4 something

"u tau salah ke? datang ke parlimen? kan ni tempat larangan..."

"minta maaf.."

"ooo, kalau maaf boleh, tapi kena ade caranya....."

we insisted on not giving out the money, n they let go of us after couple of minutes...after all, there r heaps of cars comin up later on....n most of them took out their wallet...

wat the heck? u hav to pay for following the wrong way? damn it.

the day b4 we went back, we went to "WAI SEK KAl" (kinda like food street)to have breakfast. then halfway eating, suddenly all the hawkers ran out n yelled at us to move the tables n chairs into the shop (we were having it by the roadside)

i totally got no idea wat was goin on.....but immediately, i saw a truck full of cops passing by...then i understood...but it juz gave me the shock of my life

Coz it never happened in penang~ we can have the whole road chairs n tables n nothing happens.... conclusion....kl is not a place for living.....

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