Monday, December 13, 2004

National Service Blue

Yeah, tomoro will be the first dday of all NS-ers (national service candidates) to go for their 3-month training.... so it's kinda miserable that they r feeling blue... i was not chosen for that, but heaps of my frens r in the list. so, we have kind of a little meeting in our fren's house to "bid farewell" (seems like 3 months will be a live or death thing)

anyway, it's kinda unfair for the government to choose part of us to go for training, i think that our government should be enlarging the scale of the training to every single one of us. n rather than doing all those things that we have done in our uniform bodies, i think the government should offer more real military training like shooting, marching, tough physical training n blablabla.....

well, for some of them, national service will be like hell, coz thye r like being pampered all the time maybe this is the longest time they leave their home. this will be worthy for them. but for those who r having economical problem, this is defintely not a good idea coz this 3 month may be the best time for them to earn some xtra money. basically, this NS thing will also affect those who r trying to further their studies as earlier as possible. somehow, this ns thing will be perfect for those who doesn't have any planning or job in this long vacation after SPM....they should taste something diff.

we guys took several photo.....juz for memorial purposes....hehehe. but i think it should be something that we use to compare n contrast the differences b4 n after the ns :P

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this guy will be goin to NS tomoro~ :P Posted by Hello

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