Thursday, December 09, 2004

Lonesome holiday........

wat i've done after SPM?

friday, 4/12-went pc fair with khai meng, a cool fren from penang, bought quite a lot of computer stuffs. that at night went pesta. for ur information, that's some cool games that never had b4. anyway, it's expensive, rm8 for a single ride. but if u got the guts, it's worthy.

saturday, 5/12-spending a donno-wat-to-do day......

sunday,6/12- my classmates came all the way from bukit mertajam to nibong tebal (my place). but i was a bit dissapointed. at first our plan is that bout 10 classmates n 4 cars would come. but it happened to be only 5 person n 2 cars came......n 2 of them r not staying overnight, they r going back in the evening, so there's only 3 of them staying overnight with me....

monday,7/12-me n my classmate n another 5 girls n my another fren n my lil brother went to Bukit Merah lake town....having fun there..

tuesday, 8/12-my classmates went home, again, i m alone. anyway, they've enjoyed themselves here. n wat suprise me is that they got interested with my mantis, n designed a new home for him :) after they went back, another fren from bukit mertajam came, n stayed overnight. we watched 3 movies continuously.

wednesday, 9/12-*sigh*, my fren went back early in the morning, i m all alone again. actually, i think i got a lot of frens, but i don hear from them. this is basically becoz i study in bukit mertajam n i stay in nibong tebal. during school time i rent a house n stay there, n holiday i'll go home. most of my frens stay in bm. frankly speaking, bukit mertajam is actually not very far from nibong tebal, it's a half an hour drive using highway at the speed of 12okm/j. anyway, it's unfair to ask my frens to pay rm5 for the toll, drive half an hour, then spend bout another rm5 on petrol, came down nibong tebal juz to play basketball with me right? n my frens in nibong tebal have their own planning, they went kl, genting, pangkor, melaka.....n it seems like i m the only one left behind. n my another fren coming back from australia, went to korea. so......I M ALL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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