Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Yo~ wat a day!

this afternoon from 1 to 3 i've been spending my time watching Malaysian Idol replay~ then guess wat? i saw one contestant among the final 30 and he was one of the contestants in a singing competition held in penang that i took part..... i dug out the VCD that recorded the whole progess of the singing competition n i was so sure it's him! n in the competition, he got the second prize n i got the fourth prize.......so i guess, hehehe, not bad lar...maybe i'll take part in malaysian idol n got into final 30.... :P

then soon after the malaysian idol ended, i heard music from my church (i live face to my church) n i was quite suprised coz it's monday n no one shouldn't be there...so i went to check out wat was goin on....n know wat? my fren (church fren) who r currently working in KL went back, n brought some frens to play band....although i was not quite familiar with his frens, music brought us together! so we were kind of like playin n singin random songs. but most of the songs r mayday's...hehe becoz me n my fren n my fren's frens r mayday's fans.....:P anyway, it was cool, i missed them but tomoro they'll be back in kl coz they r now having raya holidays....

anyway, happy to be one of the members of the band~!

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