Tuesday, November 16, 2004

the most imporant elements of my life~

again, the day started.....

live sucks when i m having exam...... no basketball, no frens..... being at home alone is juz......*sigh*

theres' 2 very important element in my life, the first will be music.. music is the most marvelous creation of God! it makes u happy, comforts u, frustrates u, depresses u, touches ur heart..... u can express urself tru music, u can relieve ur pain tru music, u can cure ur wound in ur heart tru music, u can calm urself down tru music.......watever u can imagine! that's y i guess in Bible, the last chapter of Psalm, God kind of gives a command about using all kinda instrument to worship n praise Him~ God loves music too~ make a joyful noise to God~
Seriously, i cant survive if i m deaf~ silence kills me!! juz imagine u cant hear anything, it's so scary.

the second element of my life is basketball....frankly speaking, i don like sports since i was a kid...i can remember that time when everyone was having badminton fever due to Thomas Cup, i had no idea wat was goin on.. :P
anyway, my body is weak since i was a child n that maybe the reason that i din like to join my frens in sports (my stamina sucks)
however, when i have my first contact with basketball in 14, donno y, i got satisfaction.... don ask me y, it's juz a kind of feeling....so, i continue playing basketball.....of coz, i m not a very great player, but i discover another side of myself tru basketball....so i would declare it as the second important things in my life.....

hmm......due to that idiotic + moronic SPM, i haven played basketball for weeks.... n i wonder will i ever have a chance to play with all my buddies again since i have already graduated.... *sigh*

that's y life sucks.....anyway, i have to go on..... the planet earth will not stop it's rotation becoz of my life sucks.........

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