Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The flies never die!

Horrifying! the flies never die!

the story started like this.... i got a pet, a mantis, n i always catch lots of ants, flies, spiders for it to eat (it's cannibal n only wanna eat living things)
so, today while i was studying my physics, i saw 2 flies n i caught them n fed my mantis....within seconds my mantis sliced n ate i was kind of satisfied n went back studying after bout 15 or 20 minutes, another 2 flies flying happily in front of i was like quite geram n caught them again n fed it to my mantis....of coz the mantis ate them.....n i went back studying but once i sat down another 2 flies appeared!! n i was kind of wondering where they came from n i patiently caught them again n fed my mantis n i saw them being torn apart by my fierce mantis with the peed of lightning..n i went back studying again n guess wat? there were another 2 flies......

Arh....this time i was a bit freaking....wat the hell is goin on? but still i caught them n fed my mantis.....n again i looked them being eaten by the mantis. then i got more flies....i was a bit relief......but after bout 20 minutes another 2 flies came......

ARH~!!! i couldn't stand anymore~~!! so i ran upstair n closed the door n studied....but m y mind kept wandering bout the flies...... so weird things came out of my mind.....

" is this the new spy trained by FBI?? they used remote controller to control the flies n they can see us tru that cameras that have been fixed on the flies?? oh my war III is gonna start....arh...."

then i told myself this is impossible, then suddenly another thought came out

"or they r messengers from hell? telling that i m gonna die?? they're demons? warlock? witch? evil spirit?? aarhhhh!~~~~~"

thus, my study of physics ended........
(n till now i couldn't figure out y r the flies appearing as couple but not a whole heap)

-the end-

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