Monday, November 15, 2004

exam fever

i haven played basketball for weeks..!!

well, SPM is such a horrible thing, it makes me feel sick. i got separated from most of my frens......

the situation is that i haven been to my rented house beside my school which i often stayed when school days. i m now kind of like being quarantined at home... frens in nibong tebal is juz like don wanna disturb me for my exam n i cant see frens in bm.

so i m quite in an unstable situation where i m like......sitting at home reading books n donno wat else to do..

today is hari raya.....actually i m quite envy seeing my malay neighbour next to my house celebrating. they're having fun, but i got spm to be fear off

well, this passing thursday i've attended a wedding of my church member. i was the guitarist for the's such a satisfactory~ :)

photo with new suami n isteri Posted by Hello

yeah, i m the one in white playing guitar Posted by Hello

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