Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Road to Ironman: Swim Stroke Correction

I am very lucky to have a colleague who is Penang ex-state swimmer and is kind enough to spend time to correct my freestyle stroke.

Here are the key points:

1. I have to streamline my body
2. Reduce the stroke count to 45 and below for 50m.
3. When entering the water, lead with elbow instead of palm.
4. When pulling the water, rotate and propel with the hip and streamline the movement.
5. My right hand tends to pull outward, do more drills of finger touching in the middle to keep the hand pulling in the right direction.
6. Keep my head still to avoid excessive movement, which will result in energy wastage.
7. Kick and propel with my legs on every pull.
8. I should do a full training with him instead of just coaching!

Swimming is so different from cycling and running. Every incorrect posture or movement adds to the drag and energy wastage.

I have set a target of 2min/100m for 3.8km. I am at 2:20min/100m in the pool now. I'll have a better estimation for my race pace in Penang International Triathlon (Olympic Distance) happening this Sunday.

Let's work hard for it!

Here's a picture of my swim coach + trainer :)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Road to Ironman: The Registration Fee

Here is just a record of the *crazy* amount I paid for the registration of the Ironman race. It's basically the average monthly wage of a Malaysian.
Years later, I hope that I will find it worthwhile.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Road to Ironman: Prelude

I have decided to resume writing and document the journey that I embarked on.

Perhaps it will serve as a memory refresher in the future. I will also write things that I have learnt and done throughout this 7 month journey. When someone ask me how did I do it in the future, I can point them to my blog and say, hey, here's how I did it.

The registration
There might be a thousand reasons of why did I want to do it. Why does someone like me, at his late twenties. choose to participate in such a grueling and torturous activity. 

Because I want to. 

Because running, swimming and cycling make me feel alive.

Because I get to relive moments of freedom and excitement that I felt as a child.

Because I used to think that I am going to be great and become an Ironman, seems to be great 

Because it brings me on an adventure that I always wanted to take when I was a kid.

Because I believe it will lead to a lot more adventures in life.

Ironman Malaysia is exactly 7 months from today and I can't wait.

Meanwhile, happy swim bike run to me! :) 

Monday, December 26, 2016


My blogging cadence has been reduced to twice a year. Not entirely sure if that is a good thing or bad thing? Anyone still reading this (this....this.....this....*echo*)?

I had a post earlier this year, iterating on things that I have done/achieved in year 2015. I figure I would be writing about 2016 as well, in a different manner.

2016 has been a rocky yet fruitful year as well. A lot of things have happened and a lot of realization. If I were to use an adjective to describe my 2016, it would be 'unapologetic'.

Not a very common word to describe a year, huh?

2016 is year that I realize that I have carried too heavy of a baggage for the past 25 years (Well I started to have memories of things starting at an age of 3). I did not do too many things that I would want to because of various reasons but mostly because I was in fear. I was in fear that if I were to do this, people would not like it and people would judge. Simply put, I have been a people-pleaser and that stopped me from doing a lot of things.

When I stop being a people pleaser, I realize that I achieve a great many things.
How about getting the first place in a half-Ironman race?

I used to be so afraid of being called vain that I did not pay attention to how I look and how my body look and I don't give a rat ass now. I have the rights to decide how I should look.

There are many more examples but I am not gonna go through all of them. Just gonna keep this post short and sweet.

2016 is a great year. It's a year of self-discovery, self-actualization and self-improvement.

I know it sounded selfish but I am unapologetic. 

Sunday, January 03, 2016


Another year whizzed away like a breeze and a new year made a silence but elegant entrance.

Like any other year, I had my moments of laughter, tears, lessons, mistakes, achievements and changes. I went to places, met people and made things happened.

In retrospect, things went better than I thought. In a way, I managed to strike off all my new year resolutions of 2015. Here are the highlights.

I traveled to places

I hiked a mountain in a foreign land

I got my diving license

I participated in a triathlon for the very first time (and accidentally won a prize! :P) 

I bid farewell to National Instruments which I have worked for 4 years and 11 months.

I did a PB for half marathon

I have gained new friends and lost some old ones. I regretted some mistakes that cost me some friendship. I have learnt and grown. I have grasped some understanding about myself and about others that I have not known before. I have stumbled and fallen and I picked myself up again. I have taken risks and it paid off. I have seen aspects and facets of life that I have never experienced before. I have become more conscious and mindful about things, people and surroundings.

All in all, two thousand fifteen was a good year and I wish the better for two thousand sixteen.